Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette at Destination Wedding Events
As an Englishman the tradition of a rehearsal dinner prior to the wedding is something new to me as this is not a part of traditional wedding etiquette in the U. K. and has needed some additional research particularly as to how this normally intimate occasion should or could be adapted for destination wedding events.

Traditionally, I understand, it is the groom’s family who are responsible for the rehearsal dinner which normally includes only immediate family and those of the wedding party itself. By etiquette neither the bride nor her family should include additional guests outside this group without consulting the groom’s family.

At a destination wedding, however, it may well be considered appropriate to be far more flexible with the traditional rules governing this event. salon de bodas Destination weddings tend to be far more relaxed and informal in any case so there are already good reasons to throw the rule book away and arrange a rehearsal dinner to different criteria.

Some of the guests, not really members of the wedding party, may well have come a long way to attend the wedding and at their own expense so including them as well as a means of saying “thank you” may well be appropriate. Furthermore as the numbers of guests attending a destination wedding tend to be much less than at a traditional wedding it may be more suitable to invite all those who have travelled and just enjoy a relaxing pre-reception party. Maybe a barbeque on the beach or a buffet instead of a formal meal could be alternative options.

On occasions the bride and groom will decide to host this event rather than the groom’s family but as with other matters of etiquette this should be agreed with the family concerned in advance. One of the many advantages of a destination wedding is often the informality of the event and the opportunity to break with many of the formal wedding traditions so there is no reason why the rehearsal dinner should not be different to normal as well.

Destination weddings do provide an ideal opportunity for the new family members to get to know one another in a vacation atmosphere and the rehearsal dinner is an ideal occasion to relax together, enjoy each others company, make new acquaintances and friends and look forward to the wedding ceremony itself. As with many of the requirements and arrangements surrounding this special day it will always be important to have discussed matters of protocol with the two families and attending guests prior to the occasion itself. This will ensure that everyone attending the wedding will be fully aware of the various events taking place, those they are invited to attend and if they will be of a formal or informal nature.

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